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I Like life interrrupted.

Submitted by JP Wilkerson (Cypress, California)

interrupted life

In 2007, my Mom, Carol Wilkerson, and my Nana, Margie Wilkerson, had their life turned upside down. My cousin had gotten herself into some major trouble, and her children ended up with the Department of Social Services. My mom and my Nana went to the court at the very first hearing and told the judge, the attorneys, the social workers, and anyone who would listen that they would open their home to my cousin’s two children. Six court hearings later, two psychological exams, two criminal background checks, plus a house inspection, and six months in foster care. My cousin’s children, Viveca and Francisco, were finally placed in what the Department of Social Services calls Relative Placement on November 30, 2007…after 18 months of court dates, and continued failed attempts of tryig to place the children with their parents..My Mom and Nana adopted Viveca and Francisco on October 14, 2009…What makes this adoption even more special, is the fact that Viveca is a Mosaic Down Syndrome Child with Bi-Polar Disorder and Francisco is severely speech impaired..but the love that my Mom and my Nana have given them, as truly helped them to flourish and become children who are accepted for who they are not what they are!!! This is for SO@50!!! Bill, you probably don’t remember me..but I am Carol’s son JP..Happy Birthday Stacy!!