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I Like People.

Submitted by Gerridette Schiavone (northglenn)

Setting the example instead of being the example for Jesus.

I lost my home, my car and my business all within a week of each other. Loss was hurtful, I saw a friend and associate of mine going through a similar situation. We were in two different branches of the same service. So I gave him my two vans,my routes, give him my time time ( I am not on his payroll) I have chosen to be homeless and live off my tips for 2 years. By doing this there are about 12 to 15 people who still have thier jobs and can provide for thier families. My Friend can begin to catch up on past due bills and not lose his business and home, (his wife died last year) at home as well as at work. I didn’t make this happen, it was Gods plan, there is a peace in me about this. I am a Christ follower and none of the people including my friend are saved. I am seeing them ask for a Bible as the see me rely on God they are begining to see the difference, some are still looking out for number one. This is Gods situation not mine. It makes me feel sad, lonley and hurt at times, which makes me more in love with Jesus, what He felt on the cross, I need to deal with my “feelings” as He did. It is harder to give it all everyday, then it ever was for me a little at a time, you see when I gave a little at a time I wasn;t around to see if they were changed, I have had many here who take it for granted yet I have gained so much more. I can’t do this on my own only by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, please pray for me to be able to love in spite of circumstance.