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  • I Like a great ending.

    by Rhonda McLaughlin

    helping a family member find perspective and ultimately find God

  • I Like Strangers.

    by Michelle Artimez

    My father needed a stem cell transplant...a gift from a complete stranger gave me my daddy back

  • I Like Groceries.

    by Rae

    Helping a Stranger with basic necessities

  • I Like Rescuing .

    by Sophia

    I have housed over 9 people

  • I Like Libraries.

    by Cheryl Rivera

    Library Book Donation

  • I Like Shoes to Africa.

    by A Friend of SFJ

    One woman's trip to Africa & her commitment to protect the feet of the under-served

  • I Like Medicine.

    by Jeff Asfour

    Helping a stranger buy medicine

  • I Like the Wrestling Team Shirt.

    by Steven Geurink

    Wrestling team reaches out to player's grandfather with team shirt after brain surgery

  • I Like PB&J.

    by Two Dads in Edmond Oklahoma

    A lesson in generosity

  • I Like Mom With Screaming Child.

    by Cheryl

    I gave an encouraging note and $40 to a harried mom with a screaming 2 year old and twin 8 month old babies on a plane.

  • I Like thinking and doing.

    by Brian

    Homeless guy with stocking and Christmas tree makes me stop and think

  • I Like My Sister.

    by Amy Hill

    A woman shows unconditional love to women in bondage to drugs and prostitution.

  • I Like Sharing My Wedding.

    by Jordan Godfrey and Daniel Rock

    My fiance, Daniel, and I are attempting to raise and give away the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. ($27K!).

  • I Like Sharing.

    by Dave & Donna Carey

    I like sharing the feeling that comes from giving to others!

  • I Like grocery gift cards..

    by Sdc

    $10.00 gift cards with a grocery store to give to homeless

  • I Like Celebrating my Birthday by Celebrating Kindness.

    by Denise Williams

    It has become a tradition for me to do Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate the number of years of my life!

  • I Like cakeballs.

    by Steve Spoelhof

    Claire, a kindergartener at Wheaton Christian Grammar School, bakes cake balls to sponsor two Compassion girls from Peru

  • I Like rides to work.

    by CB

    A little help from a friend

  • I Like free hugs.

    by Beryl Smile Teitelbaum

    While giving free hugs in union square I came across a man who seemed he never had a person to talk to.

  • I Like SWINGS.

    by Kim de Blecourt

    Installing swings in my adopted son's birth country

  • I Like Giving rides to strangers at bus stop .

    by Yvonne Fields

    I notice a lady at a bus stop with about 10 - 15 bags

  • I Like Grumpy People.

    by Simplify

    kindness can change everything

  • I Like Helping Others Climb Out of Crisis.

    by Sara Wolters

    We help families in crisis by offering them shelter in our own home.

  • I Like Women in need.

    by Janik

    Gave money towards 'HOPE' project

  • I Like feeding people.

    by Denise Sorenson

    I bought grocery store cards for 2 people who were rejected by food pantries for help

  • I Like paying someone else’s bill for my own birthday present!

    by Sara

    A woman & her daughter shared a special meal, and then realized they'd left their money & cards at home.

  • I Like biking.

    by Will Moyer

    I went with 4 of my friends from Seattle, WA to New York City on a bicycle to raise money for a need based scholarship

  • I Like Hats..

    by Rae

    We love sharing!

  • I Like loving the unloved.

    by Terre K Ritchie

    What the Father teaches us through others

  • I Like ‘Genosity’.

    by Stacy May

    Teaching my young children that generosity means being good givers and receivers.

  • I Like Having my faith in humanity restored

    by Kathleen Collins

    I lost my purse, wallet, identity and dollars - and it was returned to me.

  • I Like car toll.

    by Daniel

    Paying the car toll for a total stranger.

  • I Like Lemonade.

    by Erin Heuberger

    My girls and their friends decided to have a "name your price" lemonade stand and give all proceeds to World Vision!

  • I Like BART.

    by Tyler

    Things quickly changed as my night out was brought to a halt by a few tears in the corner.

  • I Like keyboard.

    by Beth

    A Craigslist ad turns into an opportunity to bless a stranger.

  • I Like Giving.

    by Courtney

    Strangers donated over 500 gifts to seniors around the Holidays.

  • I Like hearts.

    by Ted Kallman

    A story of 3 hearts woven together

  • I Like being warm.

    by Margaret Waite

    funding for a heater before it snows

  • I Like Pillowcases.

    by Karen Doler

    97-year old gives back by making dresses with pillowcases

  • I Like A Stranger’s Embrace.

    by Grace Cross

    A stranger held my head in her lap as I convulsed, protecting me from hurting myself.

  • I Like Giving Forward.

    by Michael Fernan

    One Gift Turns into Hundreds!


    by Chris Mullally

    Extraordinary Project

  • I Like Florida.

    by Joy Gibbs

    a story of healing

  • I Like Moms in Touch Prayer Ministry.

    by Anonymous

    Gold and Silver

  • I Like Toothfairy.

    by Kristin Anneler

    A five year old girl gives away her first tooth fairy dollar to help a family in need.

  • I Like Being a Mother to Others!!.

    by Cheryl Abney

    Loving on Others!

  • I Like Giving Someone a Sweet Memory.

    by Susan Granville Jenkins

    Giving respect to my son's Step-Mom at his wedding.

  • I Like military servants.

    by Cathie

    Woman gives $100 handshakes to military members in airport

  • I Like Giving Back To Kids Effected By Kidney Disease and Organ Transplants.

    by Sarah Savickas

    Bandaid Drive & Tshirt sales to help other children with Kidney Disease or effected by Organ Donation

  • I Like Happy Gas Station Customer.

    by Nadia Fominykh

    A stranger lifted my spirits by showing the strength we all have to overcome our obstacles.