Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like bare feet

    by Melony Scholte

    A teenage boy gives to others by baring his feet.

  • I Like Shoes.

    by Stephanie Strang

    One woman takes action to put shoes on thousands of feet, so they can attend scool and walk in safety!

  • I Like Kohls cash.

    by Nancy Dyer

    I like to give the Kohl's cash I earn when shopping at Kohls to single moms. Kohls cash can be spent on anything needed

  • I Like JCrew.

    by Erin

    For my birthday I got a JCrew gift card and I never thought that it would be used to brighten up a young couples week!

  • I Like laundry

    by Lexie Miedema

    An act of kindness regarding a chore that most of us do not consider to be enjoyable: doing the laundry

  • I Like Shoes to Africa.

    by A Friend of SFJ

    One woman's trip to Africa & her commitment to protect the feet of the under-served

  • I Like the Wrestling Team Shirt.

    by Steven Geurink

    Wrestling team reaches out to player's grandfather with team shirt after brain surgery

  • I Like Hats..

    by Rae

    We love sharing!

  • I Like Giving.

    by Courtney

    Strangers donated over 500 gifts to seniors around the Holidays.

  • I Like Pillowcases.

    by Karen Doler

    97-year old gives back by making dresses with pillowcases

  • I Like Giving Forward.

    by Michael Fernan

    One Gift Turns into Hundreds!

  • I Like coats.

    by Lauren Wright

    Sharing the warmth this cold winter season...literally.

  • I Like UNC Golf Shirts.

    by Henry Kaestner

    going around topless in the interest of giving to a sports fan and having some fun at the same time

  • I Like Coats and Shoes.

    by M

    Donating the shoes from our feet and the coats from our bodies.

  • I Like Change.

    by Billy & Kassi Colvin

    We used change that we had saved for years to buy clothes for a couple living at the OKC Rescue Mission.

  • I Like Coats.

    by SB Lo

    A Police Officer in Austin, TX requested coats for the homeless.

  • I Like Shoes for Artis.

    by Iain

    While on a layover in Chicago, I made a new friend and bought him some shoes!

  • I Like shoes.

    by joyce

    giving of comfort and warmth

  • I Like two of everything

    by jackie

    2pair of gloves,2pair of socks,2sweaters,2blankets and $10

  • I Like Coats.

    by Amanda Bradley

    Hard work pays off for those in need

  • I Like blue jeans.

    by Trevor

    An elderly man who rides the bus with me always had holes in his jeans. Not anymore!

  • I Like brands.

    by Kambridge Van Der Veur

    True happiness

  • I Like I like Dansko’s.

    by Linda Henrichs

    Bought a pair of Dansko's shoes for nurse who had hers stolen.

  • I Like T-Shirts.

    by Brenda Haire

    Hope, Love, Appreciation all in the form of a t-shirt

  • I Like Helping those in need.

    by Jason Schuler

    My mission is to fund as many water wells in this world as possible.

  • I Like Shoes.

    by Violet Sellers

    Opportunity to participate in a great charity.

  • I Like Costume.

    by Gabe

    a little girl's tears are turned into a smile

  • I Like Cold Days.

    by Miio

    yet to give this gift as it can be given at any moment

  • I Like giving back to those in need.

    by Stacy Ashmeade

    Group of 4th graders are raising funds to send to a community in Liberia

  • I Like Door Prizes.

    by Curtis Martin

    Giving away a door prize

  • I Like Warmth.

    by J

    While I was working I saw a man wearing a sweater on a freezing rain kind of day.

  • I Like Freezing nights.

    by David McKnight

    Provide homeless needs

  • I Like helping children.

    by Lori White

    I tried to help a little 2 year old girl who didn't have any clothes.