Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like pizza.

    by Kerry Conroy Messer

    Surprise someone by paying for a pizza delivery to their house.

  • I Like Birthday.

    by Sharee G.

    A young woman alone in a restaurant on her birthday gets an unexpected gift.

  • I Like McDonald’s.

    by Greg Chang

    The Drive Through Experience

  • I Like Breakfast .

    by Rhonda Bergstrasser

    A little girl is expecting grandma to fix breakfast but her Walmart gift card is declined. I knew I had to help.

  • I Like cupcakes.

    by Kathy

    God multiplies the little we give.

  • I Like Carrabba’s.

    by Jake and Mara

    An unexpected family dinner

  • I Like Potty Training.

    by Anonymous

    3 Year old helps sponsor a needy child.

  • I Like gift cards.

    by Lisa Goodell

    Something so small can bless everyone!

  • I Like the Marines.

    by Alan & Cinda Coe

    Dinner for a Marine and girlfriend

  • I Like Groceries.

    by Rae

    Helping a Stranger with basic necessities

  • I Like PB&J.

    by Two Dads in Edmond Oklahoma

    A lesson in generosity

  • I Like Sharing My Wedding.

    by Jordan Godfrey and Daniel Rock

    My fiance, Daniel, and I are attempting to raise and give away the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. ($27K!).

  • I Like Sharing.

    by Dave & Donna Carey

    I like sharing the feeling that comes from giving to others!

  • I Like grocery gift cards..

    by Sdc

    $10.00 gift cards with a grocery store to give to homeless

  • I Like cakeballs.

    by Steve Spoelhof

    Claire, a kindergartener at Wheaton Christian Grammar School, bakes cake balls to sponsor two Compassion girls from Peru

  • I Like feeding people.

    by Denise Sorenson

    I bought grocery store cards for 2 people who were rejected by food pantries for help

  • I Like paying someone else’s bill for my own birthday present!

    by Sara

    A woman & her daughter shared a special meal, and then realized they'd left their money & cards at home.

  • I Like Lemonade.

    by Erin Heuberger

    My girls and their friends decided to have a "name your price" lemonade stand and give all proceeds to World Vision!


    by Chris Mullally

    Extraordinary Project

  • I Like Bagels.

    by Keren

    Starting the day off by giving. Started the day off right.

  • I Like McDoubles..

    by The boys.

    McDonalds and the homeless of Chicago

  • I Like Barrio

    by Jeff Elzinga

    Learning about life and love in the barrio.

  • I Like Chicked, and cherries, and apples, and bread, and freezers, and….

    by Gwynn

    How working in a food pantry got communities involved.

  • I Like A simple meal of kindness.

    by Noura

    buying lunch for someone who no one paid attention to

  • I Like Water.

    by Jake Bouma, class and teacher

    We gave water to the kids in Africa.

  • I Like A meal for others.

    by Anonymous

    Burgers for the Homeless

  • I Like burritos.

    by Tana Conner

    Buying a couples' lunch.

  • I Like cookies.

    by Katrina

    I donated items to a shelter and made an unexpected friend.

  • I Like Turkey’s

    by Rebecca

    Blessing those less fortunate blesses me.

  • I Like Helping Children.

    by Harvey Larochelle

    The Ice Cream Truck

  • I Like Groceries.

    by anonymous

    Help with groceries for a special diet

  • I Like Banana Creme Pie.

    by Davis

    A guy plans to buy a pie for himself but hears a boy say "I hope they have banana creme pies".

  • I Like Mcdonalds.

    by cara christine chancellor
  • I Like homeless people who love their pets.

    by RunAlongMissy

    In a tough time in my life I drove by a homeless woman on a bicycle with her dog in tow.

  • I Like Sharing.

    by Jerry Jalbert

    Providing a meal for a family

  • I Like Food.

    by Kwesi Williams

    One good deed inspires another

  • I Like Lunch with strangers.

    by Ang D.

    Our family invited a man dining alone to join us

  • I Like Burgers.

    by Rob

    Handing out a burger and a New Testament bible to homeless people in Chicago.

  • I Like Family.

    Giving money to help a family spend time together

  • I Like Chili’s.

    by Chris

    A Small "Thank You" to the Thin Blue Line

  • I Like Tinkai.

    by Iain

    Blown away by the generosity of a "poor" Indian woman

  • I Like Ramen Noodles.

    by Jennifer R. Lee

    For the past 3 years I have given away free ramen and PB&Js; at my campsite at a week long music festival.

  • I Like Food.

    by Natalie

    I want to give food to a family

  • I Like teenagers.

    by Jeanne Mills

    For a canned food drive, my high schoolers really stepped up

  • I Like Thankgiving.

    by Tracy Autler

    Story of the kindness of a stranger to a struggling mother on Thanksgiving.

  • I Like Groceries.

    by Lerin W

    My encounter with a giver at WalMart

  • I Like a free lunch.

    by Curtis Harms

    A couple decide that today, there is such thing as a "free lunch."

  • I Like Bonefish Grill.

    by John Smith

    What a Surprise! I was "I liked" on our anniversary!

  • I Like Iron Hill Brewery.

    by Todd Pippert

    Grateful Recipient

  • I Like to be treated with respect.

    by Monty Eitel

    I had a dinner date with a homeless lady.