Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like Orphans.

    by Lynda Weir

    Young college graduate working and serving in Rwanda who gives her time and salary to bring joy to orphaned children.

  • I Like Sharing our Story.

    by Jodi Orton

    We have 10 adopted children- 9 of whom are special needs, 61 rescued alpaca and a story to tell

  • I Like hugs.

    by Stephanie Bridges

    Hugs for strangers in the mall.

  • I Like France.

    by Kea

    A teenager makes it possible for his best friend to travel for the first time.

  • I Like Random Acts of Kindness.

    by Violet Sellers

    I like to make everyone's day just a little brighter.

  • I Like Rice.

    by Madison

    Those in need give the most

  • I Like Giving.

    by Satyra Oberfrank

    I love being a donor.

  • I Like New Beginnings.

    by Jen Rose

    Wedding for a deserving couple.

  • I Like Disaster Volunteer.

    by Steve Major

    Some of my greatest moments came as a disaster volunteer helping others in some of their worst moments.

  • I Like Inspiring through laughter.

    by Mary Faktor

    My one woman comedy show, The Six Ages of Woman, inspires and motivates mothers and grandmothers to live their dreams.

  • I Like Because of You I Am Me.

    by John McNeil

    a stop at the local coffee shop becomes a lesson.

  • I Like My Neighbor.

    by Sue Schroerlucke

    Our friend, a Marine veteran

  • I Like the Claw.

    by Chrissie

    My son's thoughtful gift to an elderly woman.

  • I Like Helping.

    by Dana Shinoda

    Strangers come together to help save an animal

  • I Like Cards.

    by Tiffany

    Cards that share love, support, and the promise of prayer...

  • I Like Photography.

    by Steve McKenzie

    My journey to Ethiopia to help an orphanage through photos

  • I Like Helping those in need.

    by Jason Schuler

    My mission is to fund as many water wells in this world as possible.

  • I Like Passing the blessing on.

    by Paul Lessard

    How saving the life of an ederly woman led to the establishment of a character education project that impacts kids

  • I Like Beautiful.

    by Nicole O.


  • I Like Love Rocks.

    by Susan Dieter-Robinson

    Love Rocks, Sharing Love and Joy One Rock at a Time

  • I Like Giving to others.

    by Brie Miller

    Giving food to someone who was homeless

  • I Like Forgiveness.

    by Sean Stier

    Encouragement shared with a stranger who was in need

  • I Like Giving.

    by Adam Nive Tupuola

    A man in need of new shoes.

  • I Like sharing information.

    by Amy

    Adoptee sharing information to half siblings about birth mother to siblings.

  • I Like human beings.

    by Toronto Co-Active Community

    Giving Meaningful Connection is Easy

  • I Like Sacrifice.

    by Wende Erickson

    My daughter Marty who fights MS

  • I Like the crane game.

    by Lucy Piggott

    Parking lot christmas gifts

  • I Like Russian.

    by Eric Wilson

    8 years ago my life change forever when I met some special Russian boys. Now see how much has changed.

  • I Like flowers.

    by Bud's daughter

    flowers to bring a smile

  • I Like kidney donors.

    by Jamie Hansen

    Saving my sisters life

  • I Like God Works In Mysterious Ways.

    by Butch

    Gods Gift of Giving Made a U Turn! When God works a Miracle, there is no doubt about it!!

  • I Like People.

    by Jodi Bonner

    My son's seeing bucket list

  • I Like Giving Children Bicycles for Christmas.

    by Melinda Armitage

    The Bicycle Lady

  • I Like Teddy Bears.

    by Chris Garretson

    Bad day turned good by a child with nothing

  • I Like Ice.

    by Tony Jaeger

    A trip to the ice rink that started on the wrong foot and ending up on the right.

  • I Like Foster care.

    by Frances Russell

    We took a friends baby into our home when the family couldn't care for her

  • I Like Giving to Help Others.

    by Melissa Ralston

    11 year old Jacob's Wish to Help improve lives of sick children

  • I Like Giving love.

    by Kim Allen

    Feeding a homeless man

  • I Like Old People.

    by Emily Mielke

    My dog and I read to the residents of an alzheimers and dementia unit at a local nursing home

  • I Like Edible Arrangements.

    by Ruth Najera

    Ordered some for a single mom, had them delivered with a note from her children.

  • I Like the word family.

    by Paula

    Giving and receiving are two sides of one coin called love!

  • I Like Sharing.

    by Fernanda Warnock

    My friends are starting a nonprofit organization to rescue abandoned babies

  • I Like The gift of a second chance in life.

    by Ambar

    Giving part of my liver to my precious toddler

  • I Like Baby Dolls.

    by Rhonda Stillwell

    A need sparks dolls which led to parties and others getting to share in giving

  • I Like Judy.

    by Amy De Vries

    To Love like Jesus

  • I Like creating positive family memories to overcome childhood cancer.

    by Sean Serell

    Jill is an 11 year old girl fighting osteosarcoma is given a fantasy shopping trip to Nordstrom with her sisters & mom!

  • I Like Fight for a Life.

    by Preston Hocker

    We host Kickboxing Events to raise money for charitable organizations who are saving lives.