Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like Dropping money.

    by Craig Fox

    I drop a bill with a note stuck to It with a word of encouragment

  • I Like I don’t like giving - giving!.

    by Mary Fister

    Pass it forward, and find great joy

  • I Like $5 dollar bills.

    by Nikki Wiseman

    A recent trip to Sonic lead to a generosity nudge........

  • I Like outrageous giving

    by Paul

    Random giving for 31 days

  • I Like Orphans.

    by Tatiana Bonanno

    1 Girls wearing 1 dress for 1 year to raise money for thirteen orphans in Jinja, Uganda,

  • I Like Spreading The Love of Jesus.

    by Lalita Wells-Awumey

    Unexpected Joy

  • I Like Car.

    by Anonymous

    Helping those who might need it.

  • I Like Windshield Wipers… .

    by Anonymous Person

    .... putting money underneath them randomly feels great!

  • I Like Losing at Bingo.

    by Melissa Rau

    Please God, Let Me Stop Winning!

  • I Like Shampoo.

    by Daphne Tan

    Paying for Mom and the family

  • I Like Mom With Screaming Child.

    by Cheryl

    I gave an encouraging note and $40 to a harried mom with a screaming 2 year old and twin 8 month old babies on a plane.

  • I Like helping people.

    by Kurt Trepins

    helping a family who was down on their luck with a couple christmas presents for her children

  • I Like Grumpy People.

    by Simplify

    kindness can change everything

  • I Like Women in need.

    by Janik

    Gave money towards 'HOPE' project

  • I Like biking.

    by Will Moyer

    I went with 4 of my friends from Seattle, WA to New York City on a bicycle to raise money for a need based scholarship

  • I Like keyboard.

    by Beth

    A Craigslist ad turns into an opportunity to bless a stranger.

  • I Like Servers.

    by Alex

    My waitress story

  • I Like military servants.

    by Cathie

    Woman gives $100 handshakes to military members in airport

  • I Like Surprises.

    by Leslie Mosher

    The best surprises are the ones that give you hope.

  • I Like yellow post it note.

    by Aliccia Lord

    After our new born was hospitalized we recieved a white envelope with a yellow post it saying from those who love you...

  • I Like hope.

    by Anonymous

    Family in need

  • I Like surprise happy mail.

    by Melanie

    Suprise tuition payment

  • I Like Family.

    by Kevin & Rhonda Dombroski

    SIngle mom with 8 children.

  • I Like the feeling of giving.

    by Jenny Polson

    Practice Random Kindness all of My Life

  • I Like tipping a waitress $500.

    by John Sullivan

    20 year old new mother worked in the restaurant couldn't pay her rent

  • I Like gift cards.

    by B Damon

    Visa gift cards for Christmas

  • I Like Giving with no agenda

    by Nathan

    My wife and I feel like God wants us to give $100 tip at two different restraunts, just because!

  • I Like Dalit’s.

    by john onesix

    Free the poorest of the poor children in India

  • I Like Target because it serves as a platform for my giving.

    by Robyn Johnson

    When I shop at Target, I usually end up so much more than my purchases

  • I Like The Sign Man.

    by Leighton

    I was walking down the street and handed $20 to a man holding a sign

  • I Like Alex (and Kohls Cash!!).

    by The Wekenborg Family

    "A friend loves at all times" Prov. 17:17a

  • I Like Weddings.

    by Jonathan Parsons

    How $500 made a Ugandan wedding extra special

  • I Like money.

    by Joel Fortner

    Helping people get out of debt so they can give to their heart's content

  • I Like Learning.

    by Chris Yim

    Bringing the Biola community together to raise $4000 within 24 hours for my roommates tuition due the next day.

  • I Like .

    by Casey zimmerman

    Stolen from

  • I Like Change.

    by Annonymous

    A lady instantly offered up her change when I couldn't pay at the store.

  • I Like Church Family.

    by Erica

    A love so strong

  • I Like Surgery.

    by Kathy Scruggs

    I did the generous experiment: a student had to wait 3 months for surgery because she did not have the prepay deposit

  • I Like finding money floating in the ocean.

    by Iain

    Choosing to give when I was feeling broke and receiving unexpected income the next day in the ocean!

  • I Like Jesus’ birthday.

    by Brian Kluth

    At Christmas I asked my kids whose birthday is it anyway?

  • I Like Hurricane Katrina.

    by Michael Clark

    Helping out a displaced victim

  • I Like Soup. .

    by Rachel

    A server in need.

  • I Like helping others.

    by melynda caudle

    money for medicine

  • I Like Giving money.

    by Dawn


  • I Like Christmas.

    by M. Jeffers

    providing money to a co-worker on Christmas Eve so he could have a Christmas meal with his family

  • I Like Giving at Christmas.

    by C B

    Helping a child at Christmas

  • I Like home depot .

    by Anynomous

    Giving to a random man

  • I Like Giving life a chance.

    by Jill Tonne

    Care Net

  • I Like The man with no shoes.

    by Anonymous

    Homeless man in Chicago

  • I Like Mortgage.

    by Brandon Harris

    A group of people help a struggling family pay 3 months of their mortgage