Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like Honoring My Daughter’s Birth Mother.

    by Mary E. Cutter

    I asked the guests at my daughter's wedding to help me thank her birth mother

  • I Like Doctor Pepper.

    by alian

    13 yr. Old boy helps an elderly lady lift soda into her cart

  • I Like People.

    by Gerridette Schiavone

    Setting the example instead of being the example for Jesus.

  • I Like compliments .

    by Melinda Irwin

    From The Mouths Of Babes

  • I Like India’s Children.

    by Mary Cusack

    We thought all children should be happy & healthy... so we decided to make a difference!

  • I Like Stewardship.

    by Melissa Alexander

    Being a good steward has little to do with money...

  • I Like haircuts.

    by Simplify

    Change adds up

  • I Like a great ending.

    by Rhonda McLaughlin

    helping a family member find perspective and ultimately find God

  • I Like My Sister.

    by Amy Hill

    A woman shows unconditional love to women in bondage to drugs and prostitution.

  • I Like Celebrating my Birthday by Celebrating Kindness.

    by Denise Williams

    It has become a tradition for me to do Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate the number of years of my life!

  • I Like free hugs.

    by Beryl Smile Teitelbaum

    While giving free hugs in union square I came across a man who seemed he never had a person to talk to.

  • I Like Having my faith in humanity restored

    by Kathleen Collins

    I lost my purse, wallet, identity and dollars - and it was returned to me.

  • I Like hearts.

    by Ted Kallman

    A story of 3 hearts woven together

  • I Like A Stranger’s Embrace.

    by Grace Cross

    A stranger held my head in her lap as I convulsed, protecting me from hurting myself.

  • I Like Being a Mother to Others!!.

    by Cheryl Abney

    Loving on Others!

  • I Like Giving Someone a Sweet Memory.

    by Susan Granville Jenkins

    Giving respect to my son's Step-Mom at his wedding.

  • I Like Happy Gas Station Customer.

    by Nadia Fominykh

    A stranger lifted my spirits by showing the strength we all have to overcome our obstacles.

  • I Like teaching… about Iran.

    by W. S. Harrop

    not easy, yet must

  • I Like A Sweater.

    by Grace Cross

    I covered her with my sweater as she went into shock.

  • I Like To Write.

    by Malissa Moss

    I blog about grief

  • I Like making people feel good.


    car accident

  • I Like Learning.

    by Beth Self

    Learning more about Alzheimer's helped me better connect with my Dad.

  • I Like dreaming.

    by Ben and Denise Bouwers

    when destiny calls our name

  • I Like books & stuffies.

    by Shauna Congelliere

    Homeless Hugs

  • I Like hearing..

    by Tracy Scandlyn

    A young boy who is deaf and going blind receives the gift of sound through a cochlear implant.

  • I Like Being Joanna’s Voice.

    by Patricia Hunter

    By being Joanna's voice, I have tried to educate teens about the dangers of unhealthy relationships.

  • I Like Putting complements in the suggestion box

    by Cindy Lanham

    Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way.

  • I Like Second Chances.

    by Trina Pockett

    Mom with Cancer gets Second Chance




  • I Like sewing.

    by Betsy Flikkema

    Helping my 90-year-old neighbor left me in stitches.

  • I Like Gratitude.

    by steve

    Everyone can give

  • I Like Little Old Ladies.

    by Cathey Metcalf

    My aunt's Valentine Gift

  • I Like decorating.

    by Melony Scholte

    Repainting and decorating a friend's kitchen was a great way to give!

  • I Like William.

    by Elizabeth

    Older man with cerebral palsy can see again

  • I Like legacy.

    by Jill Thompson

    Serving families with a terminally-ill parent and young children

  • I Like Serving.

    by Gary Raymond

    As a retiree, many opportunities to serve others.

  • I Like Save a life.

    by DC

    How I help give life to others

  • I Like Giving a Party.

    by Karen Van Vuren

    Brought family members together to celebrate a 90th birthday!

  • I Like giving in secret

    by Anonymous

    Giving with Anonymity is very rewarding.

  • I Like Mercy.

    by Marcy Schorsch

    Perspectives. Why do “bad” things happen to “good” people?

  • I Like Repair Things.

    by Tony Selk

    Not afraid to tackle any repair

  • I Like Complaining.

    by Dan Hill

    Opportunity knocks when others complain

  • I Like Handouts.

    by Grace Cross

    On this weekend I was both giver and recipient. You're welcome... and thank you.

  • I Like being a voice for those in need

    by Bill McKendry

    Being a voice for people who need one is in my DNA. So it fascinates me to meet others with the same genetic code.

  • I Like listening.

    by Jake Dayton

    My friend needed to talk

  • I Like Old cars funding missionaries. .

    by Kathleen

    My dad found a way to help young men fund their 2year missionary work.

  • I Like Clean Water.

    by Laura

    Multipure to Aid Roy Maas Youth Alternatives by Installing 35 Drinking Water Systems

  • I Like showing people they matter.

    by Jackie

    my first day just started

  • I Like African Hospitality.

    by Andrea Jordan

    Nursing students spend three weeks in Africa teaching, and locals teach them more than they thought possible.