Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like Uhaul.

    by David Goochee

    When moving a family in need takes you to the Master bedroom.

  • I Like Ruthie.

    by Dina Coates Koebler

    8 yr old girl swims 2+ miles to raise $80k for orphanage in Haiti best friend Ruthie was adopted from

  • I Like Home.

    by NCC

    A couple shares their home with a homeless man.

  • I Like Basement.

    by Carolyn

    A family offers their home to complete strangers in need.

  • I Like Barrio Planta Project.

    by Dyani Makous

    I accidentally started a free school in Nicaragua :)

  • I Like Giving Life.

    by Evan Davis

    A mother in India gives life to her twin daughters despite immense adversity

  • I Like Holiday Inn Express.

    by Bill Rutherford

    Help for a family fleeing an abusive situation at home.

  • I Like life interrrupted.

    by JP Wilkerson

    interrupted life

  • I Like Rescuing .

    by Sophia

    I have housed over 9 people

  • I Like Helping Others Climb Out of Crisis.

    by Sara Wolters

    We help families in crisis by offering them shelter in our own home.

  • I Like loving the unloved.

    by Terre K Ritchie

    What the Father teaches us through others

  • I Like being warm.

    by Margaret Waite

    funding for a heater before it snows

  • I Like giving back.

    by Chad Edwards

    Africans who have received want to get in the action of giving back

  • I Like African Kids.

    by Lisa Maynard

    After several years of dreaming, we finally have some African kids in our home that we can love on!

  • I Like Foster Care.

    by Scott Jones

    We recently started the process to become foster parents.

  • I Like Kids.

    by Roy A Clark


  • I Like Marriage.

    by Amy Barber

    Learning to be more like Jesus every day through marriage.

  • I Like Heart.

    by Lacey Allen

    My father opens his home and heart to those in need

  • I Like Painting

    by Mary Ebejer

    An email call inspires a woman to show her gratitude by joining a group of caring parents building preschools in China.

  • I Like Helping India’s Children.

    by Paul Furbey

    We love supporting children who have faced abuse and trauma into new lives with hope and dignity.

  • I Like Swimming.

    by Sarah Harker

    Raising money for a haitian orphanage affected by the earthquake

  • I Like the gift of a birthmother.

    by Kara

    Knowing, Talking, Seeing. A story of open adoption.

  • I Like Basements.

    by Joe Hays

    How living in a family's basement for a summer changed my life.

  • I Like Joy.

    by Chloe cha

    I wanna donate money to the shelter

  • I Like helping children in need.

    by David Reichard

    We take take care of 25 abused and abandon children in Guatemala

  • I Like Hand Warmers.

    by Gina Helton

    Giving a parking garage attendant hand warmers

  • I Like Nursing Students.

    by Colleen

    Helping an overwhelmed mother reach her dream.

  • I Like No Christmas this year.

    by James & Michelle Kooistra Family

    A friend in need.

  • I Like Strangers.

    by Eva Jessee

    Destitute man finds a family

  • I Like Sleeping Bag.

    by Stephanie

    Sleeping bag

  • I Like House.

    by George Ekman

    Provide housing for employees

  • I Like Homeless dogs and cats.

    by Brenda Branch

    Homeless folks have homeless pets that need our generosity and care.

  • I Like Parking Lot.

    by Araz Torosyan

    After picking up some groceries, my grandmother couldn't find her car...until a stranger helped out.

  • I Like My Son.

    by Deborah Jeffers
  • I Like Growing Families.

    by Brian and Robyn

    The story of our journey in foster care.