Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like Sacrificial Giving.

    by Joy

    A story about one family's journey into complete trust

  • I Like Travel Size.

    by Kristy

    Travel sized toiletries can go a long way in making someone's day.

  • I Like Flowers.

    by Hailey

    A story about giving a mother flowers

  • I Like 12 days

    by Gaye

    Using the theme of the 12 Days, we organize a group to surprise someone with gifts during a particularly hard season

  • I Like Giving Flowers.

    by Sandi

    Flowers for strangers.

  • I Like hospitals.

    by Susan Matheson

    I wanted to donate a kidney to a stranger, so I convinced my local hospital to perform an undirected donation.

  • I Like Strangers.

    by Michelle Artimez

    My father needed a stem cell transplant...a gift from a complete stranger gave me my daddy back

  • I Like Libraries.

    by Cheryl Rivera

    Library Book Donation

  • I Like Medicine.

    by Jeff Asfour

    Helping a stranger buy medicine

  • I Like thinking and doing.

    by Brian

    Homeless guy with stocking and Christmas tree makes me stop and think

  • I Like SWINGS.

    by Kim de Blecourt

    Installing swings in my adopted son's birth country

  • I Like ‘Genosity’.

    by Stacy May

    Teaching my young children that generosity means being good givers and receivers.

  • I Like keyboard.

    by Beth

    A Craigslist ad turns into an opportunity to bless a stranger.

  • I Like Moms in Touch Prayer Ministry.

    by Anonymous

    Gold and Silver

  • I Like Toothfairy.

    by Kristin Anneler

    A five year old girl gives away her first tooth fairy dollar to help a family in need.

  • I Like Giving Back To Kids Effected By Kidney Disease and Organ Transplants.

    by Sarah Savickas

    Bandaid Drive & Tshirt sales to help other children with Kidney Disease or effected by Organ Donation

  • I Like Backpacks.

    by Carrie Leister

    I love backpacks on the backs of hundreds of Nicaragua children that now have the opportunity to attend school

  • I Like Furry Companions.

    by Cara Highsmith

    "Displaced, In Need, Can You Help?" read the message on his scrap cardboard sign, but I didn't notice it until later.

  • I Like Tramps.

    by Bobby Thejus

    What love can do to a tramp

  • I Like Barbara.

    by Bill Oechsler

    One customer who becomes a regular and then a friend, remains part of the family.

  • I Like smiles.

    by Carol Wilkerson

    I made my neighbor smile

  • I Like Christmas Surprises.

    by Anonymous

    Surprising a co-worker with Christmas gifts...

  • I Like TV.

    by Amber

    Buying Granny a new tv

  • I Like giving.

    by Bryon Rompa

    Giving bags to the homeless in Detroit

  • I Like giving to those deserving.

    by carol Bakker

    Gave a laptop to someone who needed a laptop for her charitable work,but could not afford one.

  • I Like Running Gear.

    by M

    The girls at DABSJ decide to run their first ever 5k. A local supporter encourages them with some amazing gear.

  • I Like Sacrificial Giving…..the rest of the story.

    by Cadieux Family

    A story about one family's journey into complete trust

  • I Like Helping Those with Cancer.

    by S

    I've donated my hair to help those who don't have any.

  • I Like being clean

    by Karen

    Give backpacks full of personal Hygiene items

  • I Like basket of blessings.

    by Anonymous

    Helping provide for other people's basic needs

  • I Like An Armless Singer.

    by Clay Poole

    A Man With an Amazing Voice, and A Life that gives Hope to Anyone Around Him.

  • I Like Apple Stores.

    by Faith

    While standing in line waiting for service - a lady (Teacher) learned her computer died.

  • I Like Christmas.

    by Jessica Francis

    World Race team Refuge hits the streets of Cambodia to bring Christmas to 10 street kids.

  • I Like Suitcases.

    by Ashley

    Generous woman collecting suitcases so foster children have something other than garbage bags to transport their things

  • I Like School Supplies.

    by Justin Grierson

    I bought a needy childs school supplies.

  • I Like Piggy Banks

    by Louanne Fromm

    After their home was burglarized Louanne's family was shown true acts of generosity

  • I Like giving presents and helping other people.

    by Joe D, 9 years old

    we give money to our church for families in the Sibley neighborhood

  • I Like Senior Citizens.

    by Julie Koontz

    Christmas stockings for Senior Citizens

  • I Like Mercy.

    by Anonymous

    giving mercy and receiving abundant kindness in return

  • I Like Helping a Friend

    by Rae

    Basic necessities.

  • I Like Donating my vehicle.

    by Tim Schipper

    Donating our car to Charity

  • I Like Kidney.

    by Josh Rinehults

    Last year I found out that a coworker desperately needed a new kidney.

  • I Like glass.

    by Krue Brock

    How the Lord provided the extra touch for a gift I wanted to give.

  • I Like Tommy’s garden.

    by Carolyn Jordan

    A friend with cancer who shares his garden with others.

  • I Like Baseballs.

    by Pamela Stowers

    A stranger goes above and beyond at a baseball game.

  • I Like Nursing fees

    by Frances

    As I left the store I knew I couldn't just drive back to Starbucks, pull out my nursing textbooks, and start studying

  • I Like Toys.

    by Claire Cassiday

    We bought toys and put them in shoe boxes for children without toys.

  • I Like giving period!

    by Robert

    New Beds, Chairs & Home Furnishings

  • I Like giving jewelry.

    by Astrid Thillet

    I gave my cousin a pair of earings her father had given my mother that he bought with his first paycheck.