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58 Stories
  • I Like Flying.

    by Bill Oechsler

    Two strangers on a plane ride out a storm together.

  • I Like Trains.

    by Steve Malchow

    An encounter I normally would dismiss brought great joy

  • I Like helping a handicap boy

    by Rajeev

    Handicap Young Boy Mohammad Naushad knocked on our church door; asks for Help from us and he gets a tricycle wheelchair

  • I Like Parallel Parking.

    by Johnny

    God literally took the wheel.

  • I Like cars.

    by Laurie Bries

    A woman with a dead battery, no one to call to help her, and no money to pay for a mechanic

  • I Like Bus Fare.

    by Grace Cross

    From the Recipient's Point of View

  • I Like rides to work.

    by CB

    A little help from a friend

  • I Like Giving rides to strangers at bus stop .

    by Yvonne Fields

    I notice a lady at a bus stop with about 10 - 15 bags

  • I Like car toll.

    by Daniel

    Paying the car toll for a total stranger.

  • I Like BART.

    by Tyler

    Things quickly changed as my night out was brought to a halt by a few tears in the corner.

  • I Like Florida.

    by Joy Gibbs

    a story of healing

  • I Like cars.

    by Denise Sorenson

    I bought my friend a car

  • I Like First class

    by Kyle

    I got to give a first class seat to an unsuspecting stranger in coach.

  • I Like x ray tech

    by jan crenshaw

    A church is given $20.00, a daughter breaks her finger, and the goodness of God is a joy like no other!

  • I Like bus fare.

    by AF

    The spark of a 20 dollar bill

  • I Like not missing opportunities

    by Neal Frankle

    helped man with terminal cancer with business class seat

  • I Like First Class.

    by Matt

    When I saw a blind guy in the gate area, I knew I had to give him my first class seat.

  • I Like Maria.

    by Lisa

    Giving an elderly woman a ride

  • I Like Serving God.

    by Robyn

    When Ten Dollars Is the Same as Ten Million

  • I Like Giving My Cars.

    by Anonymous

    Instead of trading or selling my cars when I don't need them, I give them to those who need them.

  • I Like Towtruck .

    by Marco Fesyuk

    Helping out someone when there was no need for th

  • I Like Drugs.

    by Carly Morrow

    Random stop at a gas station to help a random guy had me turning down drugs at the same time.

  • I Like Gas.

    by Cullen Barbato

    Elderly man on I75 walking with a gas can

  • I Like black friday.

    by andy and christy cass

    a neighbors car started on fire and burnt to the ground with everything in it.

  • I Like Parking.

    by Frances Heald

    As you hand her your ticket she asks about your day.

  • I Like Donating my vehicle.

    by Tim Schipper

    Donating our car to Charity

  • I Like Driving

    by Jonathan Kumar

    The slowest walker I've ever seen in my life.

  • I Like giving a ride home w/ McDonalds stop.

    by Mary E. Cutter

    I saw a single mom with crying boys at a bus stop

  • I Like Cars.

    by Michelle

    Missionaries leaving for Asia give car to a friend

  • I Like when God shows up unexpectedly!

    by Ophelia Gregory

    I needed transportation, and a car showed up in my yard.

  • I Like Gasoline.

    by Ken Williams

    Paid for a stranger's gas

  • I Like Lifting a Spirit.

    by Anonymous

    I have a dear friend that is pregnant, works long hours and does the best she can and doesn't ask for anything.

  • I Like Changing Flat Tires.

    by Dianna Huff

    A Young Woman Had a Flat Tire in Front of My House

  • I Like helping those who need a friend.

    by Jill

    Car ride for a stranger

  • I Like Receiving.

    by Claire Adare

    My car is dying and a friend lends me one to use.

  • I Like Mercury Grand Marquis.

    by Paula Ensley

    Family of six in need of a car.

  • I Like First Class.

    by Alan

    One man gives a 13 year old boy his first class seat.

  • I Like Roadside Assistance.

    by Amanda

    A couple helps someone in need on thier honeymoon.

  • I Like a bicycle.

    by Wayne Burton

    Stolen Bike.

  • I Like Cars.

    by Anonymous

    A car for a stranger

  • I Like Minivans.

    by Joe Bantz

    Just 6 weeks after selling our van to a family on installments, God gave us a vivid illustration of the Easter story.

  • I Like Father’s Day.

    by Anonymous

    Giving another man Father's Day with his family.

  • I Like Mechanics.

    by Brent Nedella

    Dinner turns into car repairs for a friend

  • I Like Broken Bicycles.

    by William Brooks

    Picked up a guy whose bike tire went flat

  • I Like Missed opportunity.

    by Joe Briscese

    A giving opportunity that got away

  • I Like Hitchhiker.

    by Candice Capas

    Battered and abused woman on the road to freedom.

  • I Like I like #PayItForward Giving in a City.

    by Brian Kluth

    I am helping to launch #40DaysofGenerosity for an entire city. 50,000 #PayItForward CARDS are leading to great stories.

  • I Like Bad Parking Spots.

    by Staci DeVries

    My dad’s simple, selfless, and terrible taste in parking spots has stuck with me to this day.

  • I Like car shopping.

    by Brent Nedella

    We bought a car for our pastor's family

  • I Like A Full Tank.

    by Paul Robbins

    She asked for a dollar in gas and I filled her tank.