Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.

  • I Like Doctor Pepper.

    by alian

    13 yr. Old boy helps an elderly lady lift soda into her cart

  • I Like random acts of kindness.

    by Kelly Gmazel

    While getting my car repaired a homeless family showed me why I like giving.

  • I Like when God shows up unexpectedly!

    by Ophelia Gregory

    I needed transportation, and a car showed up in my yard.

  • I Like Thanking.

    by Carey Faircloth

    To all Military

  • I Like Blessings.

    by Kathy Parkin

    I learned about the value of a kind word.

  • I Like Saying Good Morning.

    by Laura

    Every morning I post a "Good Morning" picture to place a positive thought into someone's morning routine

  • I Like the middle seat.

    by Charlene

    Giving up your seat on the plane changes the flying experience.

  • I Like Sending Encouraging Cards.

    by Marcia

    I love being fluent in the language of enouragement/gratitude!

  • I Like Flowers and Encouragement .

    by Katherine

    My sister is a social worker who gives to others every day. She took 2 days off to recharge. I sent flowers and a note.

  • I Like Shoes.

    by Violet Sellers

    Opportunity to participate in a great charity.

  • I Like sharing smiles.

    by Scott Page

    Because everyone matters, I smile, look them in the eye, and say hello.

  • I Like Peach Cobbler.

    by Sheryl Clutter

    Inspired by Brad and Jon to be generous with character-compassion, patience, understanding...

  • I Like Bracelets.

    by Debbie Love

    I created a company late in life focused on giving written inspiration along with a "giving" bracelet to women.

  • I Like “I Like Giving.”

    by Deb Stubbeman

    giving away "I Like Giving"

  • I Like Spreading love.

    by Steffie

    In a world filled with pain, the gift of love could alter someones reality. Here's how I choose to spread love.