Our goal is to have 10000 people try the 3 Day Giving Experience.
So far, 6,366 people have signed up. Are you one of them?

3 Day Giving Experience

By signing up for The 3 Day Giving Experience, you’ll be joining over 5,000 others from around the country in the experience. Each day, you will receive an email that has a giving challenge for you to do that day.

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Here are 15 ideas.

Go ahead, try them out.

  • Help someone with their luggage.

  • Pay for the cup of coffee for the person behind you.

  • Pay the deductible for someone else at the body shop.

  • Leave a 100% tip on your next dinner bill.

  • Sign up to serve for a night at your local soup kitchen.

  • Trade your first class seat with a military person walking by.

  • Go to the bus stop and pay for everyone¬ís fare.

  • Make eye contact with someone and give them a compliment.

  • Donate some blood.

  • Give a tip to someone who doesn’t usually receive one.

  • Carry a $50 bill and give it to a complete stranger.

  • Pay for the groceries of the person looking through their coupons.

  • Find something of value in your house and then find someone to give it to.

  • Track down a former teacher and send them a handwritten thank you note.

  • Request I Like Giving cards and include one with a gift to a stranger.

Tell your story about giving and inspire others to live generously.